Student Life

Past and present students share their thoughts and experiences on studying in Japan.


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Moronaga-sensei is strict but has a sharp wit. Her classes are always fun and comfortable.

—Nicholas Pandza

With 15 classroom hours a week, new kanji and grammar daily, and entire chapters completed in the blink of an eye, KCP clearly provides an intensive route to studying Japanese. I needed serious determination; at times, I questioned whether I could master this difficult language. Ultimately, all this was needed to develop enthusiasm for the Japanese language—and to make me stronger.

—Brian Walker


Get a better picture of KCP students on various learning adventures; from classroom activities to visits to historical sites. Also, get a glimpse of the dorm/homestay life, and the KCP campus and neighborhood.

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Student Blogs

Read the writings of KCP students who share their travels, learnings and everything else from their stay in Japan.

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Finding your way around Japan and the KCP neighborhood is much easier with a map. For your convenience, here are some to help guide you as you travel. Be sure to check out our virtual tour of the KCP building — a great introduction to our learning space.

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KCP Neighborhood


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