KCP is an affordable program.

Invest in your future! learn Japanese through full immersion!

KCP International Japanese Language School is a fully accredited program with decades of experience teaching the Japanese language and culture in the heart of Tokyo. Come be a part of our growing community of active Japanese language learners from around the world.



KCP International has an established presence in Tokyo and has been educating students since 1983.
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Flexible Schedules

Start your study abroad when you want to. For up to 2 years, you can choose when you take courses.
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We offer a wide variety of course curriculum, from beginner to advanced.
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Academic Credit

Through our partner universities, you will earn academic credit and receive certified grade reports.
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KCP International partners with several accredited schools and universities.
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Dedicated Support Staff

Our incredible staff has open office hours, allowing you to get as much from the program as you desire.
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Job Placement

Your journey doesn’t have to end after your KCP courses. We can help prepare you for a career!
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Convenient Packages

From initial airport pickup throughout your stay, our goal is to make your experience easy and anxiety free.
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Program Costs


Students commend our program as both an excellent value and an effective learning experience. Academic credit and financial aid are available through Elizabethtown College. You should be able to apply federal and state financial aid to this program.

Our goal is to make study in Japan possible for you.

Summer Programs Courses with Dormitory Courses with Homestay
Summer $6,700 $7,700
Summer short-term $5,700 $6,700
Regular Semester and Extended Programs Dormitory Portion Homestay Portion
Semester $3,700 $4,700
Extended Semester $10,400 $11,400
Academic Year $14,100 $15,100
Note: Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Cost for courses includes:

  • Language course tuition and fees
  • Over 200 hours of language instruction
  • Textbooks and supplementary material
  • Pre-departure packet
  • Detailed on-site orientation
  • Course on Japanese Culture and Society
  • Cultural activities and excursions (excluding some transportation costs)
  • Minor medical insurance
  • Pick-up at Narita Airport on your arrival date
  • Lodging: your choice of dorm room or homestay
  • Homestay with breakfast and dinner
  • Transportation pass between lodging and school

Please note—

  • For the summer semester and summer short term, all costs are payable to KCP.
  • For the regular semester and extended programs, tuition is payable to Elizabethtown College. Dormitory or homestay amounts are payable directly to KCP.


The arrangement for food varies at different dorms.  You will have one of these three scenarios:

  • Your dorm will have a cafeteria.
  • Your dorm will have an arrangement with a nearby university to use their cafeteria.
  • KCP will provide a list of value-oriented restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, and other eateries around each area.

Whether using a meal plan or buying your own food, we recommend you budget $1,500 per semester for meals ($1000 for summer short term).


  • All prices are in U.S. dollars.
  • Travel to and from Japan (as well as some culture class transportation) is not included. Airfare varies depending on season of travel. Typically, round-trip fares between the U.S. and Japan run $1,000 to $1,500.
  • For personal expenses, plan on about $500 to $1,000 per semester.
  • Most dorms used by KCP feature amenities that give you all the comforts of home such as your own living space including a bathroom, kitchenette, sleeping and study area, and internet. They are all single occupancy.
  • For extended or academic year terms, the homestay option is available for only the first semester.
  • Host family availability is not guaranteed. If a host family is not available for a student, the student will be automatically switched to the dormitory option.