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All content has been taken from actual evaluations that former students completed at the end of the program. We hope these reviews will help answer your question regarding our intensive Japanese language program, and that the KCP student comments are useful to you in making an informed decision about applying. Enjoy — KCP Review!

I think in general the intensiveness of the program made me feel super productive.

Megan from Fall 2019

I really appreciated how intensive the program was! It made me feel like I needed to study more, learn more and apply my Japanese more.

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I found the culture classes to be very productive and interesting.

Sabrina from Fall 2019

Through the culture class, I was able to experience and observe Japanese culture and history, which in return broadened my perspective and world view. I really enjoyed the culture classes.

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The most interesting aspect is the different ways in which the learning process takes place.

Néstor from Fall 2019

You will love Japan and it will be a hard goodbye once it ends, it happened to me. With that said, the hardest goodbye won’t be to the country, but to the people you will bond with. So make the best of it and cherish the moments.

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The pace of the course was very productive.

Anthony from Fall 2019

The cultural excursions and an opportunity to converse with Japanese people outside of KCP.

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Conversation practice helped tremendously.

Dianna from Fall 2019

Conversation and drill practice were the most effective in learning how to speak Japanese.

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The most productive and interesting aspects of the program.

Goncalves from Fall 2019

Review sessions with Kato sensei were very helpful for reviewing grammar and understanding things better. Class and homework in general were helpful for reviewing material.

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Having a lot of Japanese run through your head is great.

Owen from Fall 2019

Class forces that. Basically cultivating conversational skills through 1 on 1 conversation is quite interesting to me.

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I had valuable take- aways from the Culture Course.

Emilien from Fall 2019

The Yamanashi trip was really fun and interesting. The Bunraku show was a nice experience too.

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The most productive and interesting aspects of the program at KCP.

Patrick from Fall 2019

The club activities offered many chances to interact and practice language skills.

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I found the activities and events a great way to learn!

Lynette from Fall 2019

I loved going to the museums and shrines! Learning some of Japan’s history was an incredible experience!

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I wanted to be in a major city in Japan and learn Japanese, and this program had good reviews online in addition to being affiliated with several universities that I knew of. There was also a decent amount of information available online from non-official sources, which gave me good information on living arrangements and general life as a student.

—Steffan Achtmann