Japan Travelogue guides, Michelle and Niclas

KCP’s Japan Travelogue Series is Here!

Japan is one of the world’s most culturally diverse and beautiful countries. In our Japan Travelogue series, guides Michelle and Niclas take us around Japan and showcase exciting destinations, old and new traditions, delicious cuisine, and a whole lot more.

Get to know our Travelogue Guides

Michelle is an American actor and narrator. She has lived in Japan more than half her life. She appears in films, TV-dramas, and commercials. Her voice can be heard on TV commercials, PSA, as well as educational videos and games. Michelle also works behind the camera as a translator and English voice coach.

Niclas is a Swedish actor in films, TV-dramas, and commercials. He is also a journalist currently based in Tokyo, Japan since 2005. Niclas has worked with both still photography and video for over two decades and has filmed numerous interviews and stories all over Japan.

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