KCP is an amazing language school that really cares about us students!

Pei from 2013

Which events or activities did you find the most satisfying and why?

I really liked the speech contest because I didn't know they were so many students at KCP and I really enjoyed everyone's speeches and cheers.

Which co-curriculum classes did you find most satisfying?

I only took English Support and it was fairly useful.

What were the most productive and interesting aspects of the program for you? The least interesting and productive?

I loved meeting new people in my classes and being able to practice Japanese almost everyday. I loved living in Japan as if I were Japanese and absorbing the culture.

Where did you reside over the course of this program?


Where did you live?

Azeria Kasai II

Were you pleased with the general living arrangements? Anything you especially liked? Any problems you experienced?

I really liked my room even though the dorm was a little far from Shinjuku. Even so, I really enjoyed my stay at Azeria and loved our dorm manager!

Any further thoughts or tips for those considering the program or new KCP students?

Be sure to do some review prior coming to KCP so you can be sorted into the appropriate level.

Any other comments or suggestions?

KCP is an amazing language school that really cares about us students! I really enjoyed my experience this summer.

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I love that the school is in the heart of Tokyo and that all the classes are in Japanese. Since the classes are taught only in Japanese it pushes me to study more.

—Alice Hoglund